William Lee Sefton, CPAAmerica's Most Outspoken Non-Attorney Living Trust Advocate...
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When it comes to Asset Management, consider Liquidity, Safety, and Rate of Return

How fast will you be able to get cash out of your asset?  This Oklahoma City bank succumbed to a common tornado.

Is your asset safe?  Or, have your separated the Equity from the Asset so that whatever happens to the Asset's Equity you'll be safe?

Rate of Return:  Done Correctly, even the Equity Trapped in Your Home can earn you a Positive Rate of Return.

Tax and Financial Planning:

With all of the economic theories, various professional disciplines, and the ever-changing government laws, it is difficult to know which way you are going.  Does your current advisor know?  Will he or she put their recommendations in writing?  If not; why not?  Bill can't predict; but, he can help you prepare.  And, he more often than not, puts his suggestions in writing. 

After 40 plus years of experience in all aspects of economics (accounting, tax, investing, legacy, etc. planning), Bill probably can help you.

Bill's Favorite Metaphor:

The dish is the Will and Trust that are included in the Estate Plan; the asset is the Banana; the flavors of ice cream represent Safety, Liquidity, and Rate of Return; the topping represents the income tax benefits of the asset; the whipped cream represents the after-tax death benefit; the cherry represents the possible tax deduction of the money borrowed to own the asset.

Owning a second home (correctly) may have more after-tax benefits for you than a 401k, 403b, IRA, or other Qualified Retirement Plan....

(Bill horsing around with his long-time friend - Rod Chilson - on one of their business trips together.)