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Income Taxes

Why is it that over 82% of Bill’s clients have been with him for longer than 10 years; 62% for 20 years; and,
47% for longer than 30 years!  

Perhaps these are the most common reasons people hire Bill to prepare their income tax returns:
  • He gets their tax return done quickly.
  • He can defend the income tax return:
  • Over the decades, he has successfully handled dozens and dozens of IRS audits.
  • Bill has successfully handled numerous Appeals (appealing the ruling of an IRS tax auditor)
  • He has even responded to 90 Day Letters, forcing a tax return audit to a higher Appeal level within the IRS.
  • He avoids unnecessary confrontations with the IRS.
  • He makes the process easy and simple for his clients.
  • Bill even answers his own phone; no gatekeepers for Bill.
  • Bill has been a home based business tax expert for over 35 years.  He knows what works and what to avoid.
  • Bill has an Early Bird Fee Discount Program.  Ask about Bill about it.
  • His fee is reasonable and competitive.
Let Bill prepare your income tax return this year.

   You may ask how much will Bill's fee be?  Mail a complete copy of your 2014 Federal and State Income Tax Returns and Bill will estimate his fee for you.