William Lee Sefton, CPAAmerica's Most Outspoken Non-Attorney Living Trust Advocate...

Core Activity: Being cheerful, outgoing, and gregarious, Bill’s favorite activity revolves around: Finding long lost friends and turning here-to-fore strangers into friends. He often nurtures those friendships into life-long friends, by offering compliments where earned, words of encouragement when needed, and helpful advice when requested. He never charges for a phone call consultation.

Hobbies and Interests:

Ever since studying and getting his undergraduate degree in Economics, Bill has been fascinated about the economy and how it works, or doesn’t work.  Bill has a  much greater appreciation for the role of the professional investment adviser.

Bill also enjoys a nice walk-about among the redwoods of Muir Woods; or, up, down, and around Mt. Tamalpais.
He has been an instrumental contributor within his favorite non-profit organizations. 

Wills and Trusts:

Bill is probably best known for his skills in and around Wills and Trusts. On a flat-fee basis, he has helped his clients create, implement, and close their estates plan quickly and efficiently before the beneficiaries and their opportunistic attorneys start ‘chewing on each other.’ There is probably only one role that he has not held: That of the deceased. Bill’s been an executor, a trustee, an expert witness, a mentor to the Executor, an asset finder, has even helped with finding assisted living options, and much, much more.  He even coined a term, Financial Hospice.

Income Taxes:

Income Taxes: Bill prepared his first income tax return 49 years ago and has provided IRS audit defense for 34+ years. With a Masters Degree in Accounting, being a Certified Public Accountant, dozens of IRS audits ‘under his belt,' he is not only well-educated; he is ‘street-smart.’

Creator of Additional Sources of Cash Flow:

After reviewing a client’s situation, resources, passions, and interests, Bill can often offer ways that they can increase their after-tax cash flow without changing or interrupting their current activities and responsibilities. How? That would start with a phone call to Bill, as every person’s situation is different.


 William Lee Sefton, CPA
P.O. Box 992
San Ramon, CA 94583-5992
(925) 735-6529
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