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Provide Estate Planning

Financial Professionals, Tax Practitioners, and others:  Would you like to add another profit center to your practice?

To be certain, Estate Planning Attorneys love us.  We send new business to them; and, we send them with prepared clients, even prepared to pay them.  I like metaphors:  We are the pre-op nurse and the post-op nurse, with the estate planning attorney being the surgeon.

Nothing will build Trust and Rapport faster than helping others create/maintain their Living Trust and related documents.

Why?  People know it has to be done; but, don't know where to start and are often intimidated by the process, professional lingo, and fees, so they put it off - often until it is too late.  We remove much of the pain and get it done.

2 years ago, Bill saw a widow lose upwards of $500,000 because her husband's retiree benefit's beneficiary designation was long-since out-of-date - even though her husband had just recently had an Estate Planning Attorney 'update' their Living Trust and related Estate Plan.  Bill's System would have prevented this.

For Bill, the process often starts with one or more of the following 5 questions, which he includes in his Tax Questionnaire:

       Yes   No
Is your Estate Plan up to date?
Is your Living Trust fully funded?
Are your Beneficiary Designations up to date?
Are your Designated Authorities up to date?

Would you like Bill to help you get your Estate Plan up to date?

Following up after April 15th, Bill earned additional fees from these 'income tax' clients for this add-on service.

In a way, you can think of us as a Financial 'Closet Organizer;' however,  Bill calls it his Financial Snapshot - meaning a snapshot of a client's current financial situation.  It shows their net worth (in detail), how much their beneficiaries will receive (in today's dollars), their Designated Authorities, does a 'positive confirmation' of their beneficiary designations (IRAs, Life Insurance, etc.), and even looks at their most recent income tax return. 

Bill charges a flat fee; however, to set yourself apart from your competition, you can do it for free.

Prerequisite:  Working knowledge of spreadsheets and word processor, like Excel or WordPerfect/Microsoft Word; and, a passion to help others.

Bill will help Financial Professionals, like a Financial Planner, Enrolled Agent, Certified Public Accountant, or similar analytical professional, introduce living trust and related estate planning services to others.  Attorneys do the legal work; but, who better than the analytical financial professional to make certain that the Living Trust, and other aspects of the client’s wealth, is properly organized and maintained?

Catch your attention?
 CALL BILL most anytime (925-735-6529 PT) and let's have a conversation.  Using screen sharing, Bill can show you what this is all about.  It's his legacy, to clone and replicate this valuable service.

To be certain, Bill wants to leave a Legacy by cloning and replicating what he has been doing for years.

Remember, our role here is to be a Scorekeeper; it is not to be an adviser or counselor, although that may come later if we are properly educated, experienced, and, of course, properly licensed.  Once we, the client, the estate planning attorney, and others know the score, then the client can move forward and improve their situation.

So, just give Bill a call (925-735-6529) and let's see where this might take us....