Bill's Biggest Liability is His Greatest asset

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Bill is outgoing, positive, cheerful, sometimes overly friendly personality definitely does not fit the stereotype of CPAs and accountants who have earned Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Masters in Accounting degrees as Bill has.  This personality disconnect often surprise some.   

Yet these same characteristics are also what makes Bill so effective when dealing with ‘adversaries’ like when he needs to have the State Department of Revenue erase an $18,000 assessment with a simple phone call; or, he is trying to find a lost college professor living in an Assisted Living Community; or, he is helping an Executor deal with opportunistic attorneys and impatient beneficiaries.  

Yes, Bill’s personality is both his best asset and his worse liability.  People don’t expect a CPA to be so joyful, effective, with a get-it-done-now work ethic.  

Professionally, Bill is Best Known For:  

1. Executor Assistance: An executor referred to Bill as the leader of his Dream Team.  As his mentor, Bill coached and protected the executor from his step-grandmother’s children and their opportunistic attorney.  Bill has been helping executors for years.  

2. Wills, Living Trusts and Estate Planning: Most people don't have a Living Trust package because the language is intimidating and the process is easily put off for another day.    Others have an out-of-date will or trust;  assets change, beneficiaries change, even Designated Authorities may no longer be appropriate.   

3. Preparing Individual Income Tax Returns quickly.  Bill hates a To Do List; he much prefers finished projects.  Most CPAs depend on Extensions and an unfinished workload, or a To Do List, not Bill.  Bill has also successfully defended taxpayers right up to 'the front door of U.S. Tax Court.'  To be certain, Bill would rather be hiking in the woods than dealing with an IRS auditor. 

4.  Bill created a Business Model for the Cheerful, Passionate, and Outgoing Personality who likes to turn like-minded strangers into friends and business associates and replicate the Business Model:   Our Crusade is to create One Million Financially Self-Reliant families under the income tax protection of the Form 1040; Schedule C Umbrella.  We start by leveraging what we already know and have, like a Smart Phone and an internet connection and, build out from there.  Do it correctly; and, your side business energizes itself.  Just like the Energizer Bunny, it keeps on going and going and going... 

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