Here’s what Bill's clients and others have to say (from the newest to the oldest notes).  Comments like these are what keeps Bill going and NOT retiring: 

Thanks Bill. I appreciate all you do for Ann and myself. Keeping the IRS off our tail.  David  


I like the way you think Bill!  Bob (Client since 1979)


Bill is an absolute gem. He is my go to guy when I have any sort of tax issues that come my way. OR, even if not -- he has great knowledge about business and life in general.  

Your safe with Bill -- I would recommend him over anyone!  Kathy ________________________________________________________________________ 

Bill, you are a prince among men!  Thank you for all of your guidance. I look forward to working with you.  _________________________________________________________________________  

 Hi Bill,

Thanks so much for your wonderful service.  I don't know what I would do without you.  

Elaine (Elaine's been with Bill for over 30 years) ________________________________________________________________________

Carol Wu, a local estate planning attorney and fiduciary, after purchasing her manual, writes: "Bill, Excellent and helpful manual! Thank you for preparing such a valuable tool! Best, Carol" ________________________________________________________________________  

We are so grateful to have worked with you for so many years now.  

Wonderful to have someone we trust doing our taxes.📷  

Dick and Peggy  


Thanks for all you do for us, Bill. Don't know what I would do without your help.  

Gordon _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Always fun to talk to you. Thanks for the help and the stimulating conversation.

Best to you,



And, as I check in for one last time at the end of the day (9pm) on April 15th, this email comes through....


...and thank you for being a true friend and looking out for me each and every day throughout the year...not just at tax season ...folks like you are rare finds! Thank you buddy from the bottom of my heart. God bless and cheers,  __________________________________________________________________________________

That’s great Bill. How long have we been doing this together? It must be over 15 years. Thanks for doing such a great job. Can’t tell you how nice it is to not have to worry about the big, bad IRS. David  Since 1996, that's 18 years and he's one of my new-bees.

___________________________________________________________________________________________________________  Bill:  Thank you so much.  Without you I'd be Lost!!  Gordon _________________________________________________________________  

Thank you Bill for all your hard work and help, year after year.  Michael ________________________________________________________________  

Hi Bill - Thank You again for your hard work.  Happy 2014.  Gina __________________________________________________________________

As always thanks for your good work; it's very reassuring to have someone so dependable and accurate doing my taxes and I appreciate it!!! Carol


You're the best! 

Regards, Deb


Got it! you make it sound so easy!!!  Laura  


Nice, this is why I like having you around :)



My Dream Team:  How an Executor / Successor Trustee referred to Bill as they were getting his signature Notarized as Bill found over $1,000 in the State of California's 'Lost and Found' for this Executor's Estate.  The financial institutions were being so difficult to work with, we just waited until they had to send the money to the State of California. _____________________________________________________________________  

I've lived all over the country and Bill has done my taxes for the past 8 years.  Not sure of all of the money that may have slipped through the cracks prior to working with Bill.  In 2012 alone, he found that my company didn't gross up my relocation expenses adequately and saved me $7,000! Thanks Bill!  

--Jason of Georgia  ______________________________________________________________________________________  

I cannot thank you enough!!!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Christine


You’re awesome! But you probably have heard that a million times! JoAnn  


I also need to thank you and your colleagues at the Tamalpias High School Alumni Association, for your work in behalf of the school (which my mother attended in the late 1920s) and Jantine's project in particular. You have a fine website (www.tamgrads.org), where I have much enjoyed reading and seeing photographs of the details of the mosaic restoration.  John ____________________________________________________________________________

Perfect! The less I need to think about (income tax returns) the better!  You make this so easy.  Ducley ___________________________________________________________________________________________________  

As always thanks for the good work;  It's very reassuring to have someone so dependable and accurate doing my taxes and I appreciate it!!!  Carol ________________________________________________________________________________________  I like Perfect: 

8:33am Title Officer asks:   

I need a letter from either the CPA or Attorney that handled ____'s Estate stating that there is no federal estate taxes due or any tax liens filed due to the death of _____. Is this something you can prepare and email or fax to me? Thank you Bill!  

8:29am Bill responds:  

Good morning Shannon;  

The Estate Tax starts at $5,000,000 (until December 31, 2012 when the whole tax world is turned upside down)._____;s Estate is about $500,000; therefore there is no Estate Tax due on the _____ Estate.  To the best of my knowledge, there are no taxes due or tax liens outstanding for the ______ Estate.  ____ income tax filings are up to date and paid in full…


8:12am Title Officer responds:

This is perfect. Thank you very much!  

Followed by...

Nothing better then dealing with a quick, efficient CPA!


Joann emails Bill who can't open her email attachment:  Try to just mouse on Download. 

Bill Responds:  Please fax them to me at ___ when you can.  I'm guessing my cat spooked my mouse. 

Joann responds:  Clever "the cat spooked my mouse."  Even after all these years (some 30+) Bill, you're still so clever. 

Bill takes what he professionally does very seriously; but, he doesn't take himself very serious.  Not like your typical CPA stereotype...  


From my leader while serving in my Church:  It has been great to serve with you.  You have raised some interesting questions along the way (during a 7 year period) and I have learned many things from you.



Mark from AEI (Alternate Energy Inc.), called me and related to me that the State (Hawaii) Tax rebate or refund Work Sheets that you did, in his opinion, was right on target and OK for submittal.  

(Every Tax Season, one of my clients throws me a unique curve ball.)


H.K. _________________________________________________________________

u are a rock. sir!!

Thank you!  

Jason of California ___________________________________________________________________  

Thank you very much for being such a trusted advisor to us each year. I don’t say it enough; but, I really appreciate all that you do!  

Jason of Texas ____________________________________________________________________________________  

How many CPAs wake up to this Sunday morning greeting on Facebook?:  

Pam wrote: "you r the best, bill....."

(And, Pam and Gina live a 1,000 miles apart and do not know each other.)  


Thanks, Bill

You are the best,



I appreciate your time, your effort, and your ability to make people happy.  



Hi Bill -

As always you do a great job!

Carol ___________________________________________________________________________  Bill: Thanks for over 25 years of great service & freindship to Betty & me. Let me as a client make & recommend to any of your other clients that, if they might need another insight resolving a financial question, please consider a call to Bill. If I had done so, it would have saved me in the neighborhood of $5,000. As Ever-Gold _____________________________________________________________________


You’re an inspiration! The world needs more of you!

And I love your approach to the business!  It should be like offering someone information about your favorite movie! Great example!  (Grace is referring to my side action:  www.ohbytheway.biz )

Hope you are doing well!

Thank you,



Thank you for the quick turn-around of our (income tax return) information.    

John _____________________________________________________________________________________  

You are a wonderful human being!

Big hug,



Bill has worked closely with one of my clients and their family.  He's a guardian angel.   Bill's attention to detail, his kindness, his knowledge and genuine concern are incredibly valuable, especially during such an emotionally difficult time (what Bill calls Financial Hospice).   Bill has been the quarterback for this family.   My client is fortunate to have him on their side to ensure their estate is sound.

Sara, First Vice President - Wealth Management; Portfolio Management Director, Financial Planning Specialist ________________________________________________________________  

February 13, 2012  

As always, thanks for your good work; it's very reassuring to have someone dependable and accurate doing my taxes - I appreciate it!!!!  

Carol _________________________________________________________________  

Friday, February 03, 2012

While on the telephone, I asked, How old do you think I am?

Ken guessed 52 years of age.

Then, April…

You don’t sound 68! Your energy levels are better than mine and I’m 23!  

What is Bill taking?  Go to my Breakthrough Technology Page on the left side bar.


You are a fantastic leader.  So grateful for our connection, thank you very much. Anne  ____________________________________________________________________________  

I am absolutely glad I asked; not only do I value your advice but I absolutely love your answers and humor!      

Jane _______________________________________________________________________

When I write a (Christmas 2011) note to you, it takes me back to many years ago when I worked for a super boss. Bill, I always admired your wonderful sense of humor & honesty in your dealing with folks.

Thank you for those special years.

Misty Meine, December, 2011 ________________________________________________________  

Thank you Bill.  You are truly committed to the highest standards of care!  

Sue, well known and well respected Realtor servings Bill's community ________________________________________________________  

Nice chatting with you Bill!  

I just want to say that working with you is terrific as you are one of the most organized and energetic people I've run into, and I appreciate how much you are about and do for your clients!

Dina Hoffman, Santa Cruz Estate Planning Attorney ____________________________________________________________________________


It was great chatting with you today and I must say your banana split metaphor is a great way to simply explain the necessity to have a harmonious financial plan.  One of the things I think most advisors forget is that our clients don’t know what we are talking about 99% of the time because they don’t understand our lingos.  With an easy explanation of the banana split metaphor I think that would translate well to our clients.  I look forward to staying in touch and will be in contact in the near future.    

Josh  _________________________________________________________  

"William Sefton CPA. He advises on accounting, estate and trust matters. Just this morning my wife and I went to our lawyer to sign what seemed like 50 documents revising and updating our wills and trusts. William was able to save us hundreds of dollars in legal fees by setting up all the papers with our demands  beforehand. It is the case that most lawyers are not number savvy like CPA's. Congress revised trust laws. These laws will expire in 2012 unless updated by Congress. Meaning many old trusts are not needed to minimize inheritance taxes now, but if the law lapses then the old style AB trusts will work. There is a way to insure that your trusts and estates are immune to Congressional changes. That is the documents work either way. The only thing you can't control  is the inheritance tax rate. My first wife died many years ago leaving two children. My second wife and I have children. There are ways to set up trusts to prevent disputes after my death yet provide for all the kids and grandchildren. William set this one up also several years ago. Bill's phone number 925 735-6529."  

Richard  ___________________________________________________________________________________

 A simple request for an opinon regarding my email signature line brought this comment:  

William or Bill, it is ALWAYS hard to promote yourself. Financial Planner, Estate Planner, CPA, Tax Advisor, All around good guy that wants the best for his clients. That about sums it up. You don't "occasionally help strangers". You do it all the time and they become friends. 

WOW! Where the heck did that come from??  

Jon ________________________________________________________________________________  

Your a saint.  thank you so much.  This will help me explain collateral debt obligations and credit default swaps to the group so much better. ____________________________________________________________________________________  

You did great handling _____.  I knew you could do it.  When I didn't get a phone call back after talking with the individual at my _____, I had to start calling again 3 times a day.  After a week she finally answered and I went through the "holding" game again, but she came back with the answer.  So perseverance works.  Hip hip hoorah for you.  (Bill accomplished in 20 minutes what took Joy a week to accomplish.  Bill loves to disarm Calling Centers and get them laughing.)  

Joy ________________________________________________________ 

Dear Bill:  

Thank you so much. I truly appreciation your time and knowledge.   

Your idea about ________ is brilliant. I will do that.   

Aloha, Debbie ________________________________________________________  

You're awesome!  Thank you Bill!!  

John _____________________________________________________________________________________  

Thanks for another great job.

David ____________________________________________________  

Bill: Thanks so much for doing such a wonderful job on our taxes every year. This year was probably more difficult because of the split states so Judy and I just want to express our thanks for your hard work.   

Gordon ____________________________________________________________________  

Thank you for your remarkable service; it's very reassuring to have someone dependable and accurate doing my taxes - I appreciate it!!!  

Carol _____________________________________________________________________  

As always, we are grateful that you are helping us - your wisdom & friendship is a real treasure to us - throughout all these years!  Wishing you and your wife - God's Very Best -   

Dick and Peggy  ____________________________________________________________________________

I would like to thank Bill Sefton for all the support and assistance he gave to a friend of mine.  Evelyn is a 90 year old woman who was being taken advantage of by someone who was having large funds taken from her bank account to pay for someone's mortgage that was not hers.  Bill was able to bring this matter to the serious attention of her bank, who were here-to-fore unresponsive, and Evelyn's money was returned to her.  Needless to say, Evelyn was thrilled.  

Liane _______________________________________________________

Thanks Bill for being creative.  You are the best!

Nancy ____________________________________________________________________________  Congratulations Bill,  

The IRS has refunded the $2267.15 they thought we owed. I believe the score is now:

Bill Sefton  3,

IRS 0.

You’re the best,

David and Ann   

(The IRS computer reduced their refund in a letter that contradicted itself.  Don't you love those government computers?!)


Thanks Bill. I don't know how I could handle the IRS without your help. You're the best.

David ________________________________________________________  

Your website is entertaining and interesting!   

Ruth (first became a client 23 years ago!)


Bill, Thanks for the advice. You're the best.

David _________________________________________________________  

Hi Bill, Just a note to thank you for going above and beyond in getting my 2009 tax return back to me so quickly!    I’m on my way to the P.O. right now to mail both the 1040 and the 540 with payment in full for both.  The first time in – what, 10 years? – that I haven’t had to file for an extension.  Thanks again, you’re the greatest! Hugs, 

Fran ________________________________________________________  

Bill, Thank you. This is a very neat website. I am sure you are looking forward to a much deserved vacation after the crunch of tax season is over... 

Al  ________________________________________________________  

I recently had the pleasure of working with Mr. Sefton when he visited the _______ County Assessor's Office in _______.   

He provided me a "complete" package of important information proactively. This seldom happens and makes my job much easier.   

I look forward to doing business with him in the future.

John  Standards - Analyst County Assessor's Office


Hi Bill,

Thanks so much for the quick completion of our taxes!   

Laura _________________________________________________________ 

Bill: Thanks for the prompt work on my tax returns.  Unfortunately, according to _______ LP's web site, the 1099 will not be mailed until March 31st.  Jerry    

(Often when there is only one more item needed for an income tax return, Bill will prepare a preliminary income tax return (often at no extra charge) for his client to review so that the client can review the income tax return while waiting for the delayed item.  No one likes surprises, so Bill avoids surprises whenevever possible. ______________________________________________________________________________________  

I have worked with Bill Sefton on several matters using him as an accountant and tax consultant in my trust and estates practice.  I have always received good work product from Bill in a timely fashion and at reasonable rates.  Would not hesitate to recommend Bill to any attorney or fiduciary that needs tax or accounting work.  

Jon Vaught, Estate Planning Attorney